3DE is a full services 3D and 360 Live Capture company. We service film, media, TV, commercials, advertising, concert, theatre/stage, outdoor venues, movie trailers/teasers, documentary/nature/science, education, real estate and construction or corporate clients. We work with our clients in all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production. In addition, we offer rental and sales of our own 3D, Stereoscopic and Monoscopic 360 rigs. Our technically proficient staff can also provide 3D consulting and New Media strategies for your Social Media and PR campaigns.
We specialize in providing our clients with the latest and highest quality filming 3D 360 technology available. 3DE will create a unique audience experience for you and your client. We'll make your product available on all platforms ranging from big screen to smartphones and Virtual Reality (VR) head mounted devices (HMD).
The potential of 3D/VR entertainment is at an early stage of exploration and commercialization. There are endless opportunities for 3DE to apply its technology and production methods to reach the emerging market of the 360 world.

3DE’s full service offering provides a UNIQUE cohesive solution for consumer to professional media productions. 



DIRK GOMBOS graduated with a BSc. from The University of British Columbia (UBC). He started his career at Fluor Corporation, constructing and developing forecasting applications in the scheduling and controls department. Then, Dirk went on to briefly manage investment projects for private clients, which led him to create a niche service and acquiring a client base which sold as a web design/ software programming/branding/client list in the dot.com pre bubble burst (private sale). Dirk had a non compete on sale. He then went on to purchase and run a Telecommunications franchise, working with investment project development concepts. Today, Dirk is co-founder and acting CEO for 3D Evolution (3DE), developing key products, practices and strategies in the 3D and 360 realms of filmmaking. @DirkGombos on Twitter

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KIT MALLET (CTO Co-Founder) 

KIT MALLET has held Executive positions with the Actors union in Canada and has represented the Union in negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). He has also served as chairman of the B.C. Stunt Committee and director on the National Stunt Committee. He also spent several years directing action for films across the world including Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Norway and Thailand.  Kit is also a co-founder of 3D Evolution where he has developed the world’s lightest 3D Rig and the most efficient way to shoot 3D. 3D Evolution is recognized by some of Hollywood’s top executives and is considered as “One of the few trusted producers of 3D”. Kit will be heading up the Technology department advancing their 3D and 360 design, development and methodology.
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KAREN A. BROWN ( CCMO Creative Lead)

Karen has produced the 3DE social platform, helped strengthen the brand and revised the marketing strategy for success. She can leverage platform integration to accelerate algorithm, SEO and traffic growth to rebrand/initiate/transition your corporate marketing/PR structure.

Prior to 3DE, she teamed on the Academy Award shortlisted doc “Living for 32"and produced award winning doc“#whilewewatch" about Occupy Wall Street’s core media team. Her cradle to grave production, live action streaming and target of key demographic audiences brings a quarter century of experience in media and marketing. Karen has been consultant to high profile clients in the field of film, television, fashion, music, tech, food and green initiatives. Karen's objective and personal mission is to compassionately support the client's vision, with an eye toward enhancing clients' brand imagery, dynamism, and maximizing bottom-line effectiveness.

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