Founded in 2011 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, 3DE is a live image capture service company. We have developed and built camera rigs that permit 3D filming to be shot at rates comparable to 2D costs. 3DE has also created 360 equipment, production techniques, and image capture processes that greatly simplify the workflow of 360. This allows for a lower cost, live capture 360 product that is True 3D.

3DE has the capability of upgrading our 360 Prosumer Rigs (stereoscopic and monoscopic) into high end capture using our 3DE-SCR360 rig.

We provide the most versatile equipment, knowledge, and production value to the professionals in the entertainment industry desiring 3D or stereoscopic 360 live capture solutions.

3DE has a wide range of 3D and 360 equipment and services at various costs to allow all consumers or professionals access to 3D 360 in hopes of aiding in content creation in the exciting new realm of 360 VR!